Friday, February 18, 2011

Senator Mike Gravel Calls for a Real 911 Investigation_

Why a New 911 investigation is more Important than ever

After the numerous and eronious incursions on liberties and freedom and the masssive increases in anti-terrorism related budgets, is it no surprise that the federal government fails to prevent violent attacks. And is it also no surprise that after such attacks the same inept bunch are granted more power. Mathematics can easily show fearing terrorism is about as silly as fearing petting zoo attacks. Did you know that during the 7/7 London train bombing government agents were running a war game>?The war game mirrored the atttack almost exactly. What are the odds>? The National Security Administration has 250,000 emloyees and 6 Gs of phone data per american, according toFrontline. The Patriot Act, body scanners, warrantless wiretapeing, cell phone tracking technology, google, license plate scanners, TSA, literally hundreds of thousands of people yet the Christmas day bomber can get on a plane without a passport or visa>?

The root of our all these problems is 9-11. From destruction of the bill of rights to the repressive take over of the web all have the same pretext... terrorism... 9-11. It is clear the majority of americans have questions about 9-11, almost all of which can be answered by a real investigation. Holding people accountable for the failings of these attacks is key to preventing them. People in the government are at the very least negligent in regards to the attacks on 9-11, they could very well could be criminal. Secrets are repugnant, their stench is choking our country as it slips into pure fascism.

Your Ally

Al-Awlaki Dined With Military Brass At Pentagon In Months After 9/11

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