Monday, February 14, 2011

All rights, at their core, are the right to say, " No"_

Whenever discussing political or social ideas regarding human management, it is important to discover whether or not there is an "opt out" in the plan_ The best way to ensure that the best ideas win is to use popular sentiment free of conscription _ If coercion is applied to encourage the adoption of a particular idea, it's survival stems from a fraud/violence, that by only lies could it continue_ If we are ever to achieve freedom we must be able to say "no" to the whims of lawmakers_ This is most true with what statists call, "social programs"_ Find a student 15-22 years of age, and ask them if, "they believe social security will be there for them"_ Ha, they know it won't and of course and if they had a choice, they would choose to keep their money_ If not for fear of the IRS, would the iraq war have continued into it's 3rd decade now_!>?, I think not_ We are not paying for our own destruction because of democracy/americanism/patriotism, we are paying for our own destruction because we are being extorted_ As the shakedown continues, Im opting out_

Your Ally_

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