Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zeitgeist Moving Forward... Is Egalitarian Statism Wishful Thinking>?

The zeitgeist movements solutions to global world problems; centralized control by an egalitarian state of geniuses that apply the scientific method to societal structuring_ That a board of enlightened people can decide for us what cities/societies/farming/ect should look like_ The idea that some global board of geniuses exists that will take care of you is very dangerous idea_ Any system that can give you everything you want can take it away_ The social transformation that is happening right now is not global, it is personal_ No one can save you, you have to save yourself_

That being said, I agree with so much of what is said in this film, as much as I agree with their causal arguments like child abuse being the root cause of societal violence, I disagree with the seemingly global/centralized/top down solutions. The redeemable ideals of zeitgeist need to be lived by individuals by means of voluntary actions not dictated from geniuses that think they know what is best for everyone_

The condecending tone of the film ultimately shows it's elitism_ This arrogance is it's undoing_ Simply, know one knows much of what zeitgeist claims to know_ We don't know what the future has in store for humanity_ Before we start building space age cities we need to equally apply ethics_ Economic equality should not come before ethical equality if it should come at all_ The question I would ask zeitgeist's makers is this, can your society be achieved through a voluntary peaceful method>? Or does someone hold the gun>?

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