Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ron Paul Says "I could be running in 2012"... But does he mean running for President or running from the CIA>?

Grit your teeth and re register republican today in order to support Ron Paul in your state primary or caucus. A neo-con, empire building bilderberger republican cannot beat obama. The Antiwar message resonates in times of economic crisis. As long as unemployment is at 10% it will be hard to justify an on going war to the american people, let alone raise the taxes needed to wage it. Ron Paul could literally steal obamas base, the base that knocked doors and set up websites and steamrolled him to victory. Would obama's campaign rhetoric be convincing as the war candidate>? Or the bankster candidate>? Or the torture candidate>? The end the free internet candidate>?

Ron Paul protect your neck because I fear someone might strike it. There is a reason washington is filled with people that use violence to solve complex social problems. It is because of immediacy. The ruling class have killed for far less.

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