Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Still think the Gulf oil spill is an unfortunate accident>?

Halliburton bought a company called Boots & Coots which became well known for putting out some of the world's largest oil and gas fires. 8 days before the disaster

Goldman Sachs shorted the Gulf Oil stocks the day before the accident

Cementing of the oil rig well was finished only 20 hours before the explosion

BP sent workers from the well head testing company home 11 hours before the explosion on April 20 -- "without performing a final check

A team from Schlumberger, which is highly regarded for their safety, asks a BP company man to use the Cement Bond Log (CBL) to dump fluid down the well and BP's company man refused. Schlumberger rep decides to leave citing safety issues but only if they called in their own transport as BP rep would not let Schlumberger leave on a BP Chopper.

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