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Support our troops when they become veterans: 25% of US homeless are veterans

Support our troops when they become veterans: 25% of US homeless are veterans

November 12, 11:53 PMLA County Nonpartisan ExaminerCarl Herman

The first support of our troops is to respect their families and lives by not putting them at risk unnecessarily. I am among hundreds of writers documenting the declassified evidence that proves the

“leadership” of both parties lied to begin illegal Wars of Aggression. The best support of our troops is to understand this evidence, encourage our military to refuse further engagement in illegal wars, and

bring our troops home to their families.

The second support of our troops is to recognize the trauma of combat and help their transition to civilian life. Today, 130,000 veterans are homeless; twice that number will experience homelessness for part of the year. One third of all homeless men are US veterans. According to a recent Harvard University study, over 2,200 US veterans died in 2008 because they did not have health insurance. As I’ve documented in the cost of these illegal Wars of Aggression in money and lives:
CBS News commissioned an extensive study to measure how many US military veterans are committing suicide. Their report: over 6,000 a year.[19] Among active duty soldiers, over 580 have committed suicide since the war began.[20] The Veterans Affairs Department received over 22,000 calls from desperate veterans in its first year of opening a suicide hotline.[21] Over 10,000 active American troops are diagnosed with the most severe classification of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,[22] with one in eight returning troops reporting symptoms.[23] There are increasing reports that returning veterans are not receiving proper care for PTSD and other ailments, as the suicide numbers of CBS suggest.[24]
We know from all cost-benefit studies that housing the homeless is less expensive than leaving them on the streets, so it’s practical as well as moral to provide immediate shelter for all the homeless. TheUN just reported that our government’s lack of response to human beings living on the streets, including over a million children, is “shameful.” Yes, we should be ashamed of this “leadership” for our veterans and children, especially.
What should we do? Among many, I advocate for Truth and Reconciliation to address the criminality in war, torture, finance, so we can most effectively end the criminality and build the brighter future we all work to realize.
The following 1 and 3-minute videos address homeless veterans.
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