Monday, March 29, 2010

Obama-Bush, Old Boss New Boss

March 28, 2010

Obama Uses Bush-style recess


Note to republicans: When a republican administration ignores the

Constitution, like bush, speaking out against it, is in your interest...

Because one day a democrat will be president and use the same


If recess appointments were wrong in


By Steve Hynd

If recess appointments were wrong on principle back in 2007 when

Bush was President, then they're still wrong on principle now - and

Obama just made a buttload of them.

A bunch of Democratically-leaning pundits are writing that Obama

is perfectly justified in doing this - and those who wrote back in 2007

that recess appointments were simply wrong and a perversion of

the rule of law are now revealed as hypocritical partisan hacks.

They know who they are. A bunch of Republican-leaning pundits

are just as hypocritically yelling foul after defending Bush's actions

against unwarranted obstructionism back in 2007. They're unprincipled

partisan hacks too and again they know who they are. Fuck them

all, bi-partisanly and sideways.

But my friend James Joyner gets it exactly right:

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