Monday, March 8, 2010


Cantor Exchange: HOW HOLLYWOOD

Below is a selection from the Cantor Exchange website , as discussed by Max Kieser on Freedomain Radio in the video above. Hollywood's wealth is the next target for the global banking cartel. Allowing individual investors to place bets on the potential earnings of mind debasing, cult creating, cit-coms, movies, and “reality tv” shows. Shows like ETand Show-biz Tonight will sell the propaganda, as “financial advise”. No doubt the star crazed public will, as Max Kieser says, be attracted to these new financial instruments like “moths to light”.

Box Office Contracts offer a remarkable opportunity to investors to participate in and earn returns from the movie business. For many years movie moguls, wealthy producers, and investment banks have had exclusive access to investing and trading in film properties while broad public participation from the movie-going public was not possible.

Now that Cantor Exchange has launched Box Office Contracts, individual investors will have access to participate directly in Hollywood’s revenues, while industry financiers will now have access to a free market in which to hedge significant exposure to a single movie.

Cantor Exchange Participants can hand-select movies and buy the futures contracts associated with them in order to participate in their financial success. Conversely, trading Participants are also able to sell futures contracts in those pictures they expect to underperform. Movie production houses can also sell futures contracts in order to hedge positions in movies they have actively financed.

Box Office Contracts value the expected U.S. and Canadian movie theater ticket sales (known as Domestic Box Office Receipts, or DBOR) between the first time a film is shown in theaters and the end of the fourth weekend after the film achieves wide release status (on Sunday night if a normal weekend, or Monday night if that Monday is a holiday). This data is tracked and compiled by Rentrak Theatrical or Nielsen EDI, and most of the sales figures are available in real-time to subscribers, and are later published for the public in Variety magazine.”

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